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Roller Blinds

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Blockout roller

Blockout roller blinds have special light-blocking properties, ensuring unwelcome light is kept out. Ideal for sleep during the day, especially in the summer, or to help children to sleep in the early evening.

They can conserve heat at night, retaining the warmth generated by heater systems. They can also keep things cool indoors during the summer.

Sunscreen roller

Sunscreen roller blinds have light diffusing features to reduce the glare of the sun, while preventing harsh UV rays coming into your room. They will prevent the heat from entering your rooms by providing a barrier at the window – either reflecting or absorbing the heat, depending on the colour you choose.

Light filtering roller

Light filtering roller blinds combine some of the best features of the most popular roller shades features: while providing great privacy, they still offer a certain level of translucence, allowing natural sunlight to enter your home. 

The level of privacy the light-filtering roller blinds offer depends on the time of the day.

They are great for using in lounges, kitchens, and other communal areas of your home.