Child-Proofing Your Home: How to Address Blind Cord Safety

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As parents, we always want to keep our children safe. However, sometimes, the most unexpected things can pose a threat. From 2009 to 2019, six young children across Aotearoa died as a result of choking on loose window blind cords. These deaths were tragic and preventable. These tragic incidents can be prevented with the simple use of basic and low-cost, child safety holders for blind cords

One mother, Sarah, shares her story of how she learned the importance of child safety holders. One day, she was putting her infant down for a nap in a room with blinds that had long cords. As she was leaving the room, she turned around to see her baby playing with the cord, which had become tangled around his neck. Luckily, she was able to quickly remove the cord, but the experience left her shaken. She immediately went out and purchased child safety holders for all of the blinds in her house to prevent any future incidents.

Another parent, David, tells a similar story. One day, he came home from work to find his 2-year-old daughter tangled in the cords of the living room blinds. She had managed to climb onto the couch and reach the cords, which were hanging down. Fortunately, he was able to free her quickly, but the incident left him scared and concerned. From then on, he made sure to install child safety holders on all of his blinds.

These personal stories illustrate the importance of child safety holders for blind cords. The Blinds Experience is committed to child safety and when you purchase blinds from us, we will install these safety holders for FREE. By taking this simple step, you can have peace of mind, and more importantly, help prevent accidents and ensure the safety of your little ones at home. Don’t wait until it’s too late – make sure your blinds are safe for your children today.

New Child Safety Legislation

To protect the young children of New Zealand and prevent similar tragedies from occurring again, the New Zealand Government is planning to introduce legislation adapting the Australian corded window covering safety standards. There will be stricter guidelines on supplying and installing corded window coverings such as blinds and shades.

What are the new safety standards?

There are a number of new safety standards that both the suppliers and installers of blinds must be aware of.

The main safety standard requirement is that cords must be installed so that a 220mm long loop cannot be made at or under a height of 1600mm above floor level.  The Blinds Experience installations meet all upcoming child safety standards.